In 1 Corinthians 15.28 God is “all in all”. The mission of the church, then, is to be the community through which advance signs of God’s new creation are brought to life.

We walk towards that by proclaiming Christ in our times, in accordance with the Orthodox Faith and Traditions and by blessing the lives of our people through worship and communal prayer, in joy and gratitude.

In addition, and in accordance with Christ’s command: our Parish sponsors educational and philanthropic activities, to help the stranger and the outcast, to serve the needs of our people and to educate them in the faith as well as in our great Greek heritage, which compliments the Gospels.

This mission is implemented in faith through the following ministries:

  • worship ministry, which invites us to participate in God’s Heavenly Banquet and to enter into conversation with Him.

  • teaching ministry, which makes every effort to educate and inspire the faithful through the Sacred Scriptures, the Holy Traditions of the Church and our Greek Heritage.

  • philanthropic ministry, which fulfills the command of our Lord to reach out to the sick and needy, to serve the least of our brethren, and to spread the Gospel both locally and throughout the world.

  • hospitality ministry, which welcomes visitors and new members to our community and makes them feel at home, with love and respect.

  • fellowship ministry, which provides a variety of cultural, social and educational opportunities that reflect the life, faith and cultural heritage of our community.

  • stewardship ministry, which enables us helping our church move forward in serving Christ. Giving in the form of time and talents and money we need to match with the “passion” and the “love” we have for this church and for each other.