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2018 Stewardship Campaign
Strengthening our Relationship with God:

"If not you...WHO? If not now...WHEN?"

"Christian Stewardship is a life-style, which acknowledges accountability and responsibility before God. Becoming a Steward begins when we say we believe in God, to whom we give our love, loyalty and trust. We affirm that every aspect of our lives comes as a gift from Him. Stewards are motivated as recipients of God's abundant love, to respond by participating and supporting His plan of salvation and the ministries of the Church, which make salvation possible for them and for others". Answers to the most common questions regarding the Stewardship program click here: Answers.

Contact Information:

Fr. Nick:
(203) 849-0611

Parish Council
Jimmy Erotopoulos, President
(203) 515-1018

Stewardship Goals 2018:
Our goals:
  1. Enhance and advance our Youth Ministries
  2. Eliminate excess Fund-Raising Events
  3. More Community Bulding Events (like the Community picnic)
  4. Potentially eliminate trays in Church (keep them only for special reasons)
  5. Develop Elderly Ministries
Benefits for Saint George Parishioners:
Money is a necessary tool for ministry. The Church's mission of salvation and evangelism depends directly on your generosity, which supports our Parish, National Church (Archdiocese) & our Ecumenical Patriarchate.
Our Stewardship giving supports all the Parish Ministries and the entire operating budget. We should not continue to depend on special affairs to meet our budget. The growth of our Faith and its dissemination is our own personal responsibility. Stewardship places the responsibility where it belongs, directly upon us.
Your Stewardship is vital to our Church to:
  1. Provide Holy Services & Sacraments
  2. Provide religious counseling
  3. Continue visitations to the hospitalized and shut-ins
  4. Minister to the community outside of our Church walls and to those in need
  5. Provide for those who serve us
  6. Maintain and repair our buildings
  7. Keep in touch with you
  8. Support the National Church & Ecumenical Patriarchate
~ How to Give ~
  1. Carefully consider all that god has given (life, health, family, material blessings, etc.);
  2. Reflect upon the amount spent on cable television, clothes, dining out, vacations, cars, home renovations, cosmetics, investments, entertainment, etc;
  3. Ask where an offering to God's Church presently fits in one's financial priorities (Hint: it should be near the top);
  4. Offer thanksgiving to God with one's heart, mind and spirit;
  5. Decide personally or with one's spouse how much a truly sacrificial gift would be (would require one to change one's lifestyle to honor the gift);
  6. Make an annual pledge commitment using our Stewardship card, click here to download