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Mission Statement:
The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society is an organization composed of women who are trying to return to God a portion of the time, talents, and resources with which he has gifted us.

The philanthropic endeavours of the Philoptochos Society during the past seven decades are a genuine expression of Christian charity, which has embraced an enormous manifestation of love. This manifestation of love has been evident in the multitude of meaningful programs and activities undertaken during the seventy years of its existence.

The Mission of the Society - Through many fund raising efforts, the Philoptohos is capable to support the following:

  • The poor,
  • The destitute,
  • The hungry,
  • The aged,
  • The sick,
  • The unemployed,
  • The orphaned,
  • The widow,
  • The handicapped.
The Philoptochos Society of Saint George consists of 9 volunteers and meets on the 1st Thursday of every month.
Members of the Philoptochos Society (Jan 2013 to Jan 2015):
President: To be Elected
Vice President: To be Elected
Recording Secretary: To be Elected
Treasurer: To be Elected
Treasurer: To be Elected

Anastasia Kourembanas
Alexandra Handrinos
Sophie Paschalides
Ourania Bozos
Sophie Stefanides
Maria Pampoukidis
Evgenia Savvaidis
Amy Kalmanidis
Zoi Koutroubis
Nopi Tsagas
Despina Taiyanides
Event Instructions:
Memorial Service: For information on how to schedule or make arrangements for a memorial service, click on this link ---> Memorial Services

Church House: To rent or reserve the Church Hall, please contact Sophie Stefanidis at (203) 529-3646. Price for Church members is $200; for non-members is $300. A $100 deposit is required.

Coffee Hour: To Sponsor the coffee hour for honoring a loved one that has passed away, please contact Sophie Stefanidis at (203) 529-3646. The cost is $200. Philoptochos will help setup the coffee and pastries at the fellowship room.
Up-Coming Events:
-> To be announced soon!!!